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Toby Keith-Beers Ago   

Martina McBride feat. Pat Monahan-Marry Me   

Carrie Underwood-Good Girl   

Luke Bryan-Drunk On You   

Chris Young-Neon   

Eric Church-Springsteen   

Kix Brooks feat. Joe Walsh-New To This Town   

Hunter Hayes-Wanted   

David Nail-The Sound Of A Million Dreams   

Easton Corbin-Lovin' You Is Fun   

Justin Moore-'Till My Last Day   

The Band Perry-Post Card From Paris   

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10 Reasons To Listen To Us!

1.  Because, while there are a number of country radio stations on the ‘net, some of them don’t stream real country music.   The country music coming out of Nashville these days has strayed a long way from its cultural roots.  Pigs aren't welcome at horse shows, not because they are pigs so much as because they aren't horses.  No one is interested in holding discussions on redefining horses to include pigs, even if we had the power to enact this definition. There is already a definition that includes both horses and pigs. It's called livestock. Sorry Natalie, Emily, and Martie :-(

2.  Because I love country music and want to share that love with the world.  I want to present the most qualified work, from artists past and present, in an entertaining way.  Look back on a time when we listened to the radio for beautiful, traditional, country music. The world was safe, a friend was a friend, and life in general was great. So let me put you in the time machine and take you back to some down-to-earth, traditional country music the way we remember.

3.  Because I am a radio broadcast engineer who knows how to do more than just play music.  Programming music is as much of an art as it is a science.

4.  Because some men hunt.  Some men fish.  This is MY hobby.  My first job (in high school) was as a DJ on a 1,000 watt AM station playing country music in the early '70s.  I know my roots — the flowers of today come from seeds of yesterday! 

5.  Because there are three basic styles of current country music: Traditional, Mainstream and Contemporary (pop-country). Try looking at it like the American Political System—on the right are the Conservative Republicans (Traditional) , on the left are the Liberal Democrats (Contemporary/Pop-Country), and in the middle are the Moderates (Mainstream). Think of Alan Jackson as the George Bush of country music :-)

6.  Because I own every CD I play, and have digitized every song on my own to my very exacting standards, ensuring consistent sound quality.

7.  Because some other Internet radio stations are programmed by amateur, "this would be fun" people who, while well-meaning, end up sounding just like kids with a Casio cassette player!!!

8.  Because I know how to talk into a microphone and address an audience...not like some "DJs" who view the microphone as something that is either to be fellated or approached like their first date - not too close!

9.  Because I have a S-T-U-D-I-O where I produce the programming.  This studio consists of high-quality equipment names like Mackie, BST, and MXL.

10.  Because I know what it's like to listen to radio that sucks.


Welcome to Super Country Radio

About Us

About Oxford, Alabama

Oxford, Alabama is located in Calhoun County, which is situated in the foothills of the beautiful Appalachian mountain range. Located just one hour east of Birmingham, Alabama and ninety minutes west of Atlanta, Georgia, Oxford offers a place large enough to provide every opportunity but small enough to know your neighbors. Known as the "Crossroads to the Future", Oxford has several major highways leading into it, including Interstate 20 and U.S. Highways 431, 78, and 21. The county is home to three industrial parks and more than 150 industries, but the greatest advantage is the people.

Oxford is known throughout the county as the retail capital center and has the Quintard Mall, with over 700,000 square feet. There is a wide variety of wonderful hotels that are conveniently located and many excellent restaurants for your dining pleasure.  You might want to spend an afternoon browsing through treasures of years past. Oxford is the home of three large antique stores which are located on Highway 78 East, near the I-20 188 exit.

Our city offers a wide range of recreational activities for all ages.  Bring the family out to Oxford Lake Park and enjoy the walking track around beautiful Oxford Lake while the children play at Freedom Park, which features exciting new playground equipment.  Oxford has one of the best Park and Recreation Departments and Senior Citizens Programs in the state. Those of you who enjoy golf might enjoy our beautiful and challenging Cider Ridge golf course.  Cheaha Mountain State Park is just a few short miles from Oxford, and the drive through the mountains is beautiful.

Oxford is a great place to raise a family, with many good churches, an excellent school system, and wonderful people. We would be honored to have you visit and would love to have you stay and make Oxford your home.  We believe you will find that Oxford offers something for everyone.



We're glad to have you listen all day, day after day if you like. But, our music licensing FORBIDS recording our stream. We pay to provide this service and your IP address will be BANNED if you abuse it by automatically re-connecting with known streamripping players like sr-POSIX, FreeAmp or RadioTracker. THANKS for keeping SUPER COUNTRY RADIO legal!!

  Fair Use Notice:

FAIR USE NOTICE: This website may contain copyrighted material whose use has not been specifically authorized by the Copyright holder. This website is operated under the "fair use" doctrine, sections 107 through 122 of the Copyright Act (Title 17, U.S. Code), which allows the reproduction of a particular work for criticism, comment, research, news reporting, etc. Previously published materials contained herein remain the copyrighted property of the original owners.  To contact us ( about a fair use issue, please click here

Why does it not work sometimes?

Will you play my band's music?

What is aacPlus? (AAC+)

What players are compatible with aacPlus?

I don't hear anything when I connect to your aacPlus stream. What happened?

Why am I redirected to to listen to your station?

When I attempt to listen using Winamp I see the message "[ICY 400 Server Full]"

Why does it not work sometimes?

Internet Radio can be tricky - it can breakdown at the station hosting it, the Internet or on your PC. It's tough to say where. Please keep in mind sometimes reception can be tricky. Internet congestion, server overloading or server problems can make a signal temporarily unavailable - this is beyond Super Country Radio's control.  If problems persist, please let us know

Will you play my band's music?

Super Country Radio supports unsigned and independent traditional country artists, as well as artists signed to small, medium, and large labels, and we want to help great music get heard!  All that we ask is that along with your music cd, you send a letter with your bio (type of music, where you're from, etc.) and giving Super Country Radio non-exclusive rights to play your music.  Please make sure that the track list is included.  If you send a disc with the songs already encoded in MP3 format, make sure that the MP3's are done at  a 320kbps bitrate and that each song is correctly tagged with artist, album name, song title and copyright year.  Broadcast quality is considered 320 kbps - please do not submit anything less than this as it will not get played.  128 kbps may be O.K. for other stations and Ipods, but not here!

If you did not write the songs, please get permission from the songwriter's and have them sign the letter too.

CDs can be sent to:

Super Country Radio
3522 Rocky Ridge Road
Oxford, Alabama  36203

*Note: Submission of CDs (or any music material) does not guarantee that your material will be aired, however you give Super Country Radio the non-exclusive right to air any material that you send.  (Back to Top)

What is aacPlus? (AAC+)

A new development in audio streaming, aacPlus is an Internet audio format that provides near CD-quality using very little bandwidth. aacPlus is the combination of MPEG AAC and Coding Technologies' SBR (Spectral Band Replication) technology. This combination increases the efficiency of MPEG AAC resulting in superior fidelity over MP3, Windows Media, and Real Audio at equivalent low bitrates. As the most efficient audio codec worldwide, aacPlus enables Internet radio to be competitive with terrestrial digital and satellite radio.  (Back to Top)

What players are compatible with aacPlus?

Right now, there are three that I know of.
Windows: Winamp, VLC Media Player, and Foobar2000
Mac OS X or Linux: VLC Media Player
All three players are free!  There is also a free aacPlus plugin for Windows Media Player now available! Download it here(Back to Top)

I don't hear anything when I connect to your aacPlus stream. What happened?

If you're listening with Winamp you must disable or uninstall the mp3Pro plugin if installed. The two codecs apparently don't like each other. 

Why am I redirected to to listen to your station?

LoudCity provides an affordable blanket-licensing alternative for individual internet broadcasters. Licensing agreements require that licensed broadcasts launch only from a registered website. Therefore, listeners must be directed to As a LoudCity member the US Copyright Office, SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI and SESAC will legally recognize our broadcast.  (Back to Top)

When I attempt to listen using Winamp I see the message "[ICY 400 Server Full]"

This message means we have reached our maximum bandwidth limit. Bandwidth is very expensive so we currently limit the number of simultaneous listeners. If you see this message please try again in a minute or two.

If you have other questions, please contact us.

All music streaming on SUPERCOUNTRYRADIO.COM is licensed with BMI-ASCAP-SESAC and SoundExhange through We respect the rights of all artists. Super Country Radio complies with the rules for streaming established in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the United States Copyright Act, and the Small Webcasters Settlement Act.  Recording, ripping, and/or reproducing our stream in any way is a violation of copyright law and is prohibited.

On Air Now!

DJ Paul McCain

About Me:

Mr. McCain is a Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in Alabama, and a 1978 graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree. He was employed by the Department of Defense as an electronics engineer for 31 years.  He holds the FCC General Radiotelephone License, and has served as a contract engineer of a 100,000 watt class C FM radio station and a 50,000 watt directional AM radio station. His many years of broadcast engineering experience include maintenance and alignment of satellite dishes, studio automation installation, studio-transmitter link (STL) maintenance, directional AM antenna maintenance, and high-powered transmitter maintenance. Mr. McCain currently serves as the Local Area Chair for the Emergency Alert System (EAS) - Alabama Area 6, comprising a five county area in East Central Alabama. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, the National Society of Professional Engineers, and a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers.  Paul is also a licensed Professional Engineer in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee..

Station Info

Our music scheduler is SAM Broadcaster v4.7.3 by Spacial Audio Systems LLC.  The music you hear was ripped direct from CD by Exact Audio Copy v0.95, and encoded into mp3 format at 320 kBit/s by LAME v3.97.

All our mp3 files have been adjusted by MP3Gain v1.2.5 so that they all have the same loudness without any quality loss. This way, you don't have to keep reaching for the volume dial on your audio player every time it switches to a new song.

We have chosen an Audio Science ASI5111 sound card built for broadcast.

We have selected  a DSP/Effect plugin for Winamp called ‘Sound Solution v1.31’, written by Alessandro Tomessini.  The plugin is used to make the playback volume and sound of different recordings more equal, and definitely improves our on-air sound!  Now, Internet radio stations don't have to sound like they're underwater and phasey......

It performs dynamic range compression to adapt the audio to typical listening environments like work, homes, and public places, and it ensures a consistent presentation. In radio, program material from different producers and different decades is constantly juxtaposed. Yet most successful broadcasters agree that achieving a "major market" sonic image requires an overall consistency of sound texture and spectral balance from source to source.

We also use an output plugin for Winamp called ‘Advanced Crossfading v1.75’, by SqrSoft.  This crossfader engine can analyze the sound level of our tracks and completely remove the gaps between tracks in SAM Broadcaster for a perfect mix!

Many of our promos, sweepers and liners were produced with Adobe Audition and using sound effects from RadioDaddy.

SAM Broadcaster runs on a Windows 2000 Pro computer with a genuine Intel motherboard….an S845WD, with an Intel P4  2.4 Ghz processor (no AMD or Celeron for me!) and 1GB of ram.  DSP (digital signal processing) is resource intensive and this is no place to cheap out :-)

We truly hope you enjoy your listening experience and come back often!